Installed ProFTPD Configuring

I installed ProFTPD on home server which runs ubuntu. It will not remember, because I write in this article. For somebody else who want to install it. It is easy to install it, and only rewrite default configuration file. First step, To input such as this

sudo apt-get install proftpd

automatically install is started. On the way,
you are asked which do you select? how to do to run ProFTPD. inetd or standalone. You select which one. Second step, rewrite default configuration file.

sudo emacs /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf

You search line such as this,

DefaultRoot   ~

This is a line which decide directory of login. If you put file or make directory on httpd, rewrite this

DefaultRoot   /var/httpd/

DefaultRoot is directory what it same directory at Apache. If you use ProFTPD from only LAN, configuration is will finish. If you login from WAN, you need open port number 21. and rewrite another configuration file.

sudo emacs /etc/passewd

You rewrite default path to DefaultRoot path same on proftpd.conf. Restart ProFTPD,

sudo /etc/init.d/proftpd restart 

Third step, You connect to ProFTPD from FTP client. If it displays 505 error, you have to change permission of directory. to enable to write.