Python tree

When this season was coming for every year, Someone write this code.

for i in range(1,11):
	if i == 10:
		for j in range(1,11):
			print " "*(i-j)+"**"*j
                        if j == 2:
                             print " "*(i-j)+"+*"*j
                        if j == 4:
                             print " "*(i-j)+"*+"*j
                        if j == 6:
                             print " "*(i-j)+"+*"*j
                        if j == 8:
                             print " "*(i-j)+"*+"*j
                        if j == 10:
                             for k in range(1,5):
                                 print " "*6+"*"*6

This code has many "if" sentences is not well. I had thought to write better code if I have python skills. It will expect it next year.