How to upload image file from mobile

If you think about to upload image file from mobile.What do you do? useually, web application is use form which has input type "file".but mobile(Japanese mobile only?) can not use it. So to need another way.Many web apps adopts mailto and insert add,subject and body beforehand into pages.If user clicks A tag that it includes mailto, automatically mailer is started already insert add,subject and body.When mailer has started user can attachment image file like to send mail usually that send to another mobile.After user had sent mail, Server side program would something to do what you want to.
Example insert into database or rename,will display file which was uploaded.
I am doing now it. and have several difficult things about character code, So It is multi byte.Japanese language has many problems that post or send message on web because would break word.If you are Japanese, is sure to know about it. mobile has same problems.Famous mobile company is DoCoMo, au and SoftBank in Japan.We call career respectively. Career has decided character encode each other, It is too complex and different.The most important things is correspond for apps side several mobile character encode.For that to waste time. and not only encode, cookie and javascript is also different.

Because, I was hard to arranges. Each career to move similarly sending mail.

$sub = urlencode("件名");
$bo = urlencode("本文");

//PC docomo au
$p_sub = urlencode(mb_convert_encoding('件名', 'sjis','UTF-8'));
$p_bo = urlencode(mb_convert_encoding('本文', 'sjis','UTF-8'));

echo("<a href=\"".$sub."&amp;Body=".$bo."\">ソフトバンク</A>");
echo("<a href=\"".$p_sub."&amp;Body=".$p_bo."\">ドコモ au</A>");
echo("<a href=\"".$p_sub."&amp;Body=".$p_bo."\">PCメール</A>");

This is code send mail from career.